Power Green Spirulina is 100% Plant-Based, a dietary supplement that is proven to boost your energy and immune system; it is exceptionally high in nutrients, very rich in protein and vitamins than most vegetables. It is also very powerful and packed with all the nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids that your body needs. Spirulina is also known for being the world’s most popular superfood, dietary supplement and is considered a superfood because of its excellent nutritional content and health benefits.

Regular use of our Power Green Spirulina will strengthen the immune system and boost your energy levels.

According to the FDA, Spirulina is clinically proven to support your overall health and contains significant amounts of calcium, niacin, potassium, magnesium, B vitamins, and iron.

If you like smoothies and other healthy juice, why not sprinkle a little of our Power Green Spirulina for a healthier you.

Power Green Spirulina, NOW OFFERS a selection on organic skincare formula, made to nourish and detox your skin; with regular use, you will notice a more radiant, refreshed, blemish, acne-free, and pure healthier-looking skin.

JOHN 3:16

What Our Customers Say

“Excellent Service”

I really love the products, they really do what it says, my immune system and energy is a lot better, the service was excellent and I will defiantly order again.


“Better energy”

The products are true to it’s words. My energy levels were extremely very low, I couldn’t keep up with my 14 year old son but after purchasing my Power Green Spirulina my energy is now at a normal rate and I’m able to keep up, thank you so much, I will order again!

Billy G.

“Boost my energy”

I really love the fact that I can add just a tsp on my smoothies and still get a boost of my energy levels to function properly, Thank God I found my stable product


Go Green & Level Up Your Energy

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